We are all about keeping you well!

Do you know three quarters of Australians are overweight/obese; only a third do any form of physical activity; a third have a chronic lifestyle related disease; and our male suicide rate is the highest since the late 90’s.

We are doing our bit to change these stats and achieve our vision with the development of some cool innovative engagement and education tools to help individuals and businesses stay on track and manage their physical and mental health wellbeing.

For workplaces evidence shows you can get a $4 return for every $1 you invest in your teams health and wellbeing.


We are a preventative health business supporting businesses and individuals to take a more proactive approach to their preventative health.

ManageHealth was founded by Peter Annis-Brown and kicked off in February 2017.

Peter started ManageHealth after witnessing first-hand the consequences of not looking after yourself has had on males and females, both physically and mentally living in our communities.

Having lost an employee to suicide he is determined to make a difference with people’s health and wellbeing.

He has a diverse background in business ownership and management, is an accomplished sport/health business practitioner and a well-respected professional in the field of mental health, sport/ exercise business and allied health management.

Previously Peter was the Executive Officer of the Northern Inland Academy of Sport (NIAS) for 15 years, 1998-2013.

He holds a Master’s Degree in International Sport Business and Management, a Certificate IV in Fitness and Training and Assessment and is a Nationally Qualified Mental Health 1st Aid Instructor.

ManageHealth has contracts with a number of businesses delivering Mental Health 1st aid courses, Annual Health assessments, Corporate Behaviour change campaigns using an innovative wearable integration called Nudge and consultant health and wellness services.

ManageHealth was recently awarded a grant to continue to develop a Men’s Health Check app PromptMate.

ManageHealth has also recently opened Tamworth’s 1st and only bespoke private and member only Health and Wellbeing LAB. Check it out by visiting this page