A simple app to alert and Prompt you to have your annual ‘grease and oil change’ health check-ups (GP, dentist, dietitian, hearing, eyes, fitness tests).

Men (males) are fathers, partners, carers, sons, grandfathers, mates and role models. Being a healthy male is important for not only the individual, but for their families, friends, work colleagues, their communities and for Australia.

Which one are you?
Corporate Ladder Executive
you have neglected your health and wellbeing for years.
Empty Nester
You finally have the time/space to look after yourself.
Young Male
who wants to be educated to become more proactive as you approach mid life and beyond.
Alpha Male
I am ok (the old 10 foot tall and bullet proof).
Early retiree
you want to be the healthiest you can be to enjoy what you have earned.
Associated with any of these demographics. You want to see the men in your life take more care of themselves.
A Dad
You are eager to be around for your kids and grandkids.
via the tyranny of distance, environment and isolation you cannot access the same support as your city counterparts.