Mental Fitness for You



This course is not just about poor mental health. Its about promoting good mental health (or Mental Fitness) as we like to call it, so you can enjoy life and be prepared to manage challenges and bounce back up when they come your way. Self-care is key!


Evidence shows that with early intervention it can help problems from becoming more serious and the longer the delay the more difficult recovery can be. If you are happy and healthy, you will be more motivated, productive and successful in all areas of your life, including work.


We need to be able to talk about mental health without any embarrassment, judgment or shame! This course will help with your confidence and competence to talk openly about mental health problems and have self awareness of your own mental health.

This Course will help you to stay Mentally Fit!!


Feeling lonely, isolated, overwhelmed or stressed? This Mental Fitness course will offer practical help and ways for you to become mentally Fit.


Learn how you can manage and cope with anxiety and depression. Learn how you can become Mentally Fit with our Mental Fitness Course


Learn how to create your own Mental Fitness Training Action Plan (MFTAP) by doing this course. A plan that you will use at work and at home!

We are excited to launch our very own interactive Mental Fitness for You Awareness Online Training Course.

Due to restrictions and limited resources, small businesses (professional – especially front-line health care workers and blue collar) struggle to release their staff for face-to-face mental health support training.

Restrictions with Covid-19 and the pandemic itself, has also added to an increase in isolation, loneliness and anxiety problems within the community. Many people remain not well informed around Mental Health problems and how to deal with it themselves or how to help and support others in crisis until they get professional help.

We have put together a 60 minute interactive Mental Fitness for You Online Training Course, not to take the place of a full 1st Aid Course but rather to raise self-awareness and confidence of common mental health problems and to offer immediate support to workmates and team who may be in a crisis situation. 

This course has been put together from background evidence and practical feedback from people that have had a lived experience
themselves or someone they have cared for.

It is easily accessible 24/7 with no eligibility criteria and developed and presented by Peter Annis-Brown, a small business owner with lived experience and a master mental health 1st aid instructor.  Peter is a proven mental health practitioner and educator who has been involved in this field and a small business owner for the past 20 years with a committed drive and passion to help people (especially regional and remote businesses). 

This course is not just about poor mental health… it’s about promoting good mental health (or Mental Fitness – as we like to call it)!