MateShip- This Week is Man Hug Week

Gotcha4Life is an initiative to get men to open up more about mental health with your mates and have declared 12-18th March the Man Hug Week. A sad fact is we have as many as six men taking their own lives every day.

According to Gotcha4Lifes co-founder Gareth Pike “if you can hug it out with your mates then you’re more likely to be open and honest with them. It helps reaffirm that you’ve got each others backs.”

The awareness week is also about encouraging men throughout Australia to establish a Gotcha4Life mate if they don’t already have one.

Gareth explains that ” A Gotcha4Life mate is basically one of your closest mates who you’ve determined trustworthy, loyal and someone you feel comfortable opening up to about your mental state.”

Gotcha4Life has a goal that every Australian man will have a Gotcha4Life mate by 2022. This mate will be able to look out for your mental and also physical health, and vice versa, with the aim to catch up regularly and mentally check in with one another, regardless of how high or low you are feeling.

ManageHealth is endorsing this initiative as a great way to raise awareness and to look at mental health from a preventative and proactive approach.

So to all you men out there, Who is your Gotcha4Life mate? And make an effort this week to reach out and give each other a hug.

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