health campaign initiatives
ManageHealth can organise and deliver evidence-based behaviour change, personal fitness and healthy lifesytle campaigns using an innovative online app platform called Nudge. Campaigns run over 6, 8 and 12 weeks and can be delivered as part of an overall partnership or individually to team members and management.
NudgeMe Accountability program (8 weeks)

Our workplace behaviour change program for the individuals in your team to proactively look after their health and to enhance productivity and morale using wearable integration AND YOUR VERY OWN REAL COACH

Team Member Benefits
  • A private health Assessment consultation to design individual exercise and diet program.
  • Fitbit activity tracker to keep that is hooked up via the Nudge App to provide real time data on progress.
  • Personalised Nudges (Accountability touch Points) each week via the Nudge app to keep participants on track with their health and wellbeing. Ability to communicate via the app.
  • Individual exercise program sent via the Nudge App each week.
  • Mindset Tips sent to via Nudge throughout the 8 weeks to help participants stay on track and keep motivated to achieve goals.
Management and Business Benefits
  • De-Identified monthly/ end of program reports provided to management on the key aspects of team members program (Activity, sleep, hydration, diet).
  • NudgeMe can set up customised tracking to track anything management requires.
  • Have a happy Team and Company
  • Improved productivity, better team morale and a positive workplace.
  • Be a workplace of choice
  • Better attraction, recruitment and retention of staff.
  • Less illness, absenteeism, injury rates and improved workplace safety.
  • Improved bottom line and ROI

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Posture Aware (6 week duration)
Help team members reduce back, neck, shoulder and hip pain caused by everyday activities. Team members will receive weekly educational messages and tips to put into action as they develop a healthy posture for everyday activities! During each week of the Posture Aware campaign, participants will learn how to avoid injury and support their back, neck, shoulders and hips. Firstly, participants will do an audit of their workspace for stressors. Then they will learn how to properly sit and stand. Participants will undertake correct lifting techniques as well as learn some everyday stretches.
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Move Now (6 week duration)
Team-based competition to encourage fun and movement activity within your team. Receive regular educational and motivational messages during the program as team members participate in their favourite form of movement. Groups within your business can compete against each other with their Nudge group app. Once a week, they will log their time spent in physical activity via the Nudge app.
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