Don’t Dwell on the Dunny

Do you read on the dunny? It might be relaxing but it could be bad for your “Bulli Pass”. The habit of reading, smoking or talking on the phone encourages prolonged straining. The longer you sit, the longer you strain, and this builds up pressure in your lower abdomen, blood collects in your rectum and the tissue becomes engorged. And this often leads to a case of Gomer Piles (Haemorrhoids).

Haemorrhoids is the healthcare issue no one likes talking about: Yet according to the Harvard medical school more than 75% of people over age 45 experience haemorrhoids.

Laxatives can be used from time to time, but it is much better to have a high-fibre diet. Maintaining a good diet with lots of fibre can reduce the risk but water is also very important to make the fibre effective and bulky.

The 1st sign of Haemorrhoids is usually blood in the toilet or toilet paper. Be sure to look in the bowl and if you do see blood of any type get it checked out as soon as possible to rule out things like bowel cancer. Once you know it is Haemorrhoids you can decide it you need treatment or not.

What to do if you have Haemorrhoids!

According to Harvard lifestyle factors are thought to be very significant in the development of haemorrhoids. So if you don’t feel confident to rely on St Fiacre (The patron saint of haemorrhoids) to protect you, follow the four golden rules for good rectum maintenance;

– Go to the toilet at the 1st urge. Do not hold it in.
– Don’t sit, wonder and think too long while on the dunny.
– Eat lots of fibre and drink lots of water.
– Watch for blood (especially if over forty five).

If you have any signs of unexplained blood, get it checked out immediately.

I subscribe to the Harvard Medical School so if you would like to know more about Healing Haemorrhoids drop me a line at and I can send you their full report on everything you need to know about the types, causes, and symptoms of haemorrhoids, Non-surgical, office-based haemorrhoid treatments as well as surgical procedures and 19 high-fibre foods that can help keep you regular.

So don’t be like Gomer…. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

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